Computer Club

Computer Club Report 2018

The following learners were chosen as Committee Members for the Computer Club in 2018:

  1. van den Berg, K. Coetzee, R. Theron, D. Stoltz, B. Radford and J. Stevenson

Computer club activities take place on Friday afternoons.

The committee organised many successful activities including the following:

Gaming afternoons (Counter strike source) which was very well attended by a maximum of 30 learners each day.

TANKS by Tangible  – A programming game developed by an NMU student using cards and Android devices.

Scratch Training days for junior learners (grades 8 and 9)

Posters were produced to advertise events.

The Computer Club also took part in the Comic Con evening organised by the Discovery Society and the committee played a valuable role by setting up arcade – type gaming sessions which were enjoyed by many.