Art Club

Art Club 2018 Report

The Pearson High School Art Club of 2018 had a very successful year. Our main goal as a club is to spice up school life by injecting creativity into the students. Opportunities are created for students across all groups and ages to express themselves and have some fun with art.

The first project of the new committee was to host an ‘Inspiration Workshop’, where cartoons and their relevance were discussed, and learners designed their own strips as well. It was an afternoon of good fun before a stressful exam period, including many laughs and chocolates.

We ran our annual Valentine’s Day Cookies campaign, allowing Pearsonites to send personalised messages to their friends – messages communicated by means of icing on giant, heart-shaped cookies! We also brought some welcome respite from the hot summer days, by selling ice creams during break times to raise funds for our other projects.

We hosted our favourite event of the year – Tie-Dye on a FriDye – to the delight of many creative Pearsonites. We provided colourful dyes, plain white T-shirts and a quick lesson on tie-dyeing, and dove into an afternoon of colour. It was wonderful to see the amazing creations that our Pearsonites came up with.

Over Pearson’s Reunion Weekend, the Art Club decided to offer an opportunity to the old scholars to get creative with us and create something that they could take home with them to forever remember their 2018 get-together. We provided plain wooden coasters and a wide assortment of paints, free of charge to anyone who wished to get in on the fun. We saw some beautiful, some funny, and some truly wacky creations.

The Art Club does not want to limit their ideology within Pearson’s gates. We want to be able to give these creative opportunities to those less fortunate as well. During the third term of 2018, the Club hosted an art supply and stationery drive throughout the school. It was amazing to see the response, especially from the art and design students.

The future of the Art Club of Pearson High is looking bright.

BY Taylor Penrith (Art club president)