Blood Donation

Blood Donation Report 2018

There have been three blood drives this year and they have all been extremely successful. In the first term, the new Blood Peer Promoters implemented a ‘time-slip’ system to combat the slight disorganized manner of previous blood drives and it worked quite well, allowing learners to realize that these blood drives are not mere “get-out-of-class-free” cards. Pearson reached their point goals each term in terms of how many units were donated and also had abundant support from the staff as well as a few parents. The Blood Peer Promoters attended a SABS student work shop at Grey High School along with a number of other schools’ Blood Peer Promoters. During this session they learnt how to successfully advertise blood drives, how to make donors feel at ease and of course the general importance of blood drives. In the third term our matrics unfortunately couldn’t donate due to writing trials, but this made no impact on our point goal due to large support from our ‘newly legal’ Grade 10s and dedicated grade 11s. We are also extremely grateful to the staff who donated this year as their support made a large difference.

We look forward to future blood drives and aim to keep reaching our standard of excellence.