Cheerleaders Report 2018

2018 was a year of many firsts for the cheerleading squad at Pearson High. The cheerleaders aimed to start changing the way they do “gees” at the school. They wanted to make it bigger, better and bolder.

For the first time ever, Pearson introduced a Gees Team, of about 250 Pearsonites dedicated to bringing spirit to the derby days. They learned brand new spirit songs and practised during breaks and before school. This new system was quite a change for many Pearsonites and they hope that in the years to come, the Gees Team will become more and more refined and grow in popularity.

Derby days became a weekend highlight for many students. The cheerleaders arrived at school early on Saturday mornings and built gees throughout the day. The RCL’s face-paint initiative was also a great success in bringing spirit to these derbies.  Our first derby against Framesby was very memorable. The hype videos, the ra-ra, the successful “PHS flash”, the gripping rugby game – it was the perfect start to the season.

Another highlight for the Pearson cheerleaders was the Parel Vallei derby. It was a weekend full of excitement and high spirits. The Pearsonites showed amazing enthusiasm and screamed their lungs out in support of their fellow students. We hope to come back even stronger next year and meet Parel Vallei on our own turf with even greater passion.

The cheerleading at Pearson has grown from strength to strength. This bodes very well for the future of Pearson gees.