Discovery Society

Discovery Society Report 2018

The Discovery Society had a busy and exciting programme this year.  The year kicked off with the Route 67 Tour on Saturday, 10 February.  Learners had a very informative tour of the historical buildings in Central with the highlight being the trip up the Campanile. The annual Shakespeare in the Park was attended by a number of our learners who were treated to an excellent production of The Merchant of Venice.

We were privileged to be granted access to the lighthouse in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve when we were given a tour of the building on 5 March.  Learners learnt a great deal about the history of this lighthouse and maritime safety.  On 19 March we had another excursion in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. This time we enjoyed a Beach Walk-and-Talk under the leadership of our own Marine Biologist, Mr Wayne Brazier.  Learners were educated on a number of marine issues and various sea creatures. It was the ideal opportunity to do something for the environment too, so we cleaned up the beach while on our walk-and-talk, filling a few black bags with rubbish collected on the beach.

The second term’s main project was our annual Comic-Con.  This year we organised this event in co-operation with the Computer Club.  Friday, 20 April saw the Deary Hall filled with characters from a variety of movies and games.  There were old-fashioned arcade games for those with a touch of nostalgia, a number of board games, LANning, a Superhero Quiz as well as a Costume Competition. The evening was a huge success and we hope to grow from strength to strength. The second activity for the term was the Star Wars Movie Marathon and Quiz held on 4 May to coincide with Reunion weekend.

The third term was just as exciting with our first ever Escape Room being held.  Eight teams competed to see who could solve the clues and puzzles to escape from the locked rooms first. Teams found the puzzles quite challenging.  The winning team was rewarded with delicious cupcakes as their prize.  As part of our Heritage Month celebrations, the Discovery Society visited the South End Museum on Friday, 14 September.  An interesting talk was presented to the learners after which they toured the museum to see the photos of the old South End.

The Discovery Society is a dynamic and active group striving to encourage a sense of wonder and a desire for knowledge in learners in order to make them life-long learners.  This aim was certainly achieved this year and we hope to build on this in 2019.