First Aid

First Aid Report 2018

2018 has been a busy and hugely developmental year for First Aid at Pearson. True to form, our Pearson High School sports fixtures were jampacked and our First Aiders worked tirelessly – often behind the scenes – to ensure that the sportsmen and women of Pearson were all safe as they stepped onto the courts and fields on the Pearson campus.

This year, however, we branched out and took our first aiding skills all the way to the Western Cape when Pearson took its first trip to Parel Vallei in Somerset West. All the Pearson buses were equipment with first aid bags and – despite never being asked to – our First Aiders tended to anyone that needed their assistance. Even one of our past First Aiders, who had come from Stellenbosch University to support, managed to do first aid – clearly being a Pearson First Aider never leaves you!

Not only did we welcome 30 new First Aiders into the Club this year, and 15 First Aiders completing their level 3 coarse, but 2018 also began with the official opening of the new First Aid room on campus – and what a room it is! Anyone that enters the First Aid room is always impressed by it. The First Aiders are truly blessed with such an incredible facility from which to work on Derby days.

Unfortunately, this year means we say goodbye to many Matric learners who have been extremely dedicated First Aiders throughout their high school careers. It only seems fair to let them express what First Aid has meant to them and what they have learnt from First Aid over the years:

“First Aid has taught me to do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do it. Pearson First Aid taught me to be: compassionate, strong, hardworking, committed, independent, loyal, dedicated and loving. It has been an honour to be the Head of First Aid for the past 3 years.”  – Miane Deysel

“First Aid has been a big part of my high school career and I must say, it’s been a great five years. I’m so grateful for learning new skills throughout the years and I am forever grateful for being part of an amazing team that I had the privilege of running. Thank you to such an amazing team for making such a huge impact in my life.” – Daniella Saragnese, Vice-Head

“The day that I started First Aid it became my life. It taught me how to handle hectic situations and stay calm no matter how scared you are. I grew a lot while I was doing First Aid. It teaches you kindness and patience, and that no matter how big the rugby boy is, you are in charge. First Aid is definitely the thing I will miss most about school. Saying goodbye to people that stood alongside me through the whole journey will be so difficult.” – Dominique du Preez

“First Aid has been the biggest and greatest learning experience for me. I learnt how to keep calm and react quickly in emergencies for which I’m grateful. All of us always had so much fun together and I never left a derby day feeling unhappy.” – Minka Schoonwinkel

Thank you, First Aiders, Mrs Forsyth, Ms Stander, Mr Harlech-Jones and Mrs Slabbert for all your hard work throughout the year.