Foodlovers’ Club

Foodlovers’ Club Report 2018.

The Foodlovers’ club is a new club that was initiated by one of our own Pearson learners, Chané van der Mescht in Grade 11. The idea of this club is to get learners interested in the preparation and presentation of food while making it fun.  Under the leadership of Chané van der Mescht, 10 committee members were elected that will be responsible for the organisation of all demonstrations and competitions in 2019.

We kicked off by having our first Food Tag Challenge in August this year.  Group members whisked up a storm and crushed their hearts out to be able to present a peppermint tart that looked and tasted good enough to eat.

We are looking forward too many exciting events in the future and we are confident that the foodlovers’ club will become one of the most exciting clubs to be a part of.