Girls’ Cricket

Girls’ Cricket Report 2018

The noble pursuit of cricket is teaching our girls so much about life:

  • Backing up your mates.
  • Getting back into it after being hit for a six.
  • Not every situation can /should be dealt with an almighty blow.
  • Knowing that some days your bat will be as broad as a book and you cannot miss while on others you will hear the distinct sound of a duck quacking.
  • That some skills can only be mastered by practicing it hundred of times.

(extract form Facebook Phillip Scheepers)

The 1st girls cricket team had an excellent season and only lost one league match.

The team developed considerably well throughout the season with many of the younger players taking responsibility with their impressive performances. The future of girls’ cricket with no doubt looks bright.

The first team only lost one league match.  The second and third teams had mixed results.  Girls’ cricket is growing and next year we will enter three teams in the second league.

Aan die einde van die derde kwartaal het twee spanne aan ‘n ses-aan-‘n-kant- toernooi deelgeneem.  Pearson het weer beide afdelings gewen.  Alu Dunga het die beste bouler trofee gewen.

Alu Dunga en Jessy Coltman is gekies vir die OP- o/19-span wat in Desember aan ‘n Interprovinsiale toernooi gaan deelneem.  Chaneka Lotter, Cailin Schooney en Hayley Wilson is vir die OP o/16-span gekies.

Mrs Munnik was appointed as manageress of the under 16 EP-girls’ Cricket team.

During the annual Prize-Giving Ceremony, the following awards were made:

Junior Player of the year – Alu Dunga

Senior Player of the year Kyra Jurgens