Interact Report 2018

Pearson’s Interact Club has performed extremely well over the past year. The year started with a women’s toiletries collection in aid of Vistarus – a haven for the unemployed and destitute.

Interact’s main fundraiser this year was the Khaya Cheshire Charity Dinner. This fundraiser was definitely one of the more challenging events in terms of the planning and the build up to the night. However, it turned out to be a roaring success. On that night a sum of R20 000 was raised for Khaya Cheshire. Khaya Cheshire is an organisation that functions as a day care for disabled children from the Walmer Township.

Through their various fundraisers the club managed to raise R50 000: R20 000 of which went to Khaya Cheshire, R10 000 to Reach for a Dream and R10 000 to the Pearson Needy Pupil Fund.

Since the club wouldn’t be able to fundraise without its supporters, it was decided that it was only fair that the supporters be given a chance to decide who would receive some of the money raised. Supporters had the chance to hand in a letter proposing who they think should receive R5 000. After discussions it was decided that R5 000 would be awarded to Yokhuselo Haven.

The committee worked hard and was dedicated to the club. The passion they share for helping their fellow man and woman is truly amazing.

Thank you to the four heads: Kirsti Louw (Treasurer), Isabella Finestone (Secretary), Lisa-Nicole Scholtz (Vice-President) and Jonah Ellis (President) for leading Interact to its many successes.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this club and played a role in our success. Without you, none of what we do would be possible.