It Monitors

It Monitors Report 2018

The following learners were chosen to be in charge of the IT laboratory to help learners with printing and other IT related issues during 1st break and after school for an hour, 4 days a week from Monday to Thursday and during both breaks on Fridays:

Evan Smith

James Stevenson

Luke Stroud

Benjamin Radford

Pieter Mertens

Bianca Gouws

Katy To

Alex Singer

Nicola Cilliers

Kayla Auld

They were invaluable in their service to the learners and they were always punctual, polite and helpful.

Duties of an IT monitor:

  • Monitor the use of computers in order to prevent theft and damage of school property.
  • Collect money for printing.
  • Monitor learners to make sure that they are doing work only.