JCC Report 2018

The Junior City Council of Port Elizabeth started off their new tenure with an event organised by their Community Service subcommittee, namely the Annual POPS Foundation Christmas Party. During this the councillors interacted with over one hundred children from children’s homes all over Port Elizabeth.

The Fundraising subcommittee hosted the annual JCC Ball to aid in its future communal endeavours and it was a massive success.

The Youth Development subcommittee hosted an Anti-Bullying workshop which then sparked various anti-bullying movements at a few other schools.

The Environment subcommittee did a Save-A-Pet outreach accompanied by a pet food collection as well as a continuous bread tag collection.

The Public Relations subcommittee, lead by Isabella Finestone and including Zelschke van Zyl, aided in all of the JCC events and also held their own shoe drive and all collections were donated to various underprivileged schools. In the new tenure, Zelschke van Zyl is leading the Public Relations subcommittee and Simon Riordan is a part of the Youth Development subcommittee.

The JCC is extremely grateful for all the support it receives from Pearson as well as every other school with a representative. The JCC aims to increase the magnitude of their events and to keep making an impact on our city.