Poetry Society

Poetry Society Report 2018

The poetry society had an exciting 2018 under the leadership of Elzmari Du Plessis. In February, they hosted a poetry reading to celebrate the month of love. All Pearsonites were welcome to read poems written by their favourite poets or poems that they had written themselves. This year they have seen our meetings evolve from just simple poetry readings to a space where the Pearsonites can express themselves; from emotional stories to amazing rapping skills we have seen it all. During Pearson’s Reunion Weekend in May we put on a great programme once again. This time parents and friends of the school were welcome to attend resulting in some new and eager faces joining the society. The poetry society has also trade-marked themselves as the club with the best snacks such as cupcakes, doughnuts and hot chocolate which are always available for participants. As the year has come to an end we have to say goodbye to our matrics who have played a key role in the success of this club:

Elzmari DuPlessis (our President), Taylor Penrith and Hans Müller.